The Retail Industry is Going Through Turbulence

We provide an Omnichannel conception to mitigate it

Today, the term of omnichannel trading has become extremely fashionable, but not less relevant. Such a term indicates the combination of different trading channels or trading tools into an integrated system. The purpose of such a platform is to ensure a consistent and seamless customer experience using any trading channel – online or offline.

Embracing and adopting technologies constantly changes and transforms offline and online trading globally. As a result, providing you with quite dramatic consequences. Therefore, you, as a retailer, have only two options:

To remain a passive retail market bystander, until technology turbulence drags you out of the retail industry frontiers.

To undertake the implementation of a new generation trading model, along with the omnichannel trading process management platform STOVENDO.

In-store, online, on the go

We enable customer's journeys over the channels, we measure and predict values

Global retail market research results have shown that at least two-thirds of customers expect a seamless shopping experience. They want it here and now. The customers expect to be able to search for an inventory online and to make a decision to buy when they arrive at the store. Simultaneously, they expect an ability to examine products in-store and later make an order online.

STOVENDO enables you to manage both sides of the customer journey. The platform also gives the opportunity to:

manage sales channels

recognise customers within any channel

profile customers

predict sales dynamics

suggest actions via sales channels

Is your retail model ready to ignore predictive business opportunities? As well as the expectations of two-thirds of the customers?

This is not a product to leave you isolated

We provide hibridity: research, practice and technology to consolidate your retail processes

STOVENDO is not just another stand-alone product. We call it a hybrid ecosystem. Together with technology solutions to manage omnichannel processes and to run predictive retail, we share the experience of our entrepreneurs, retail practitioners, data scientists and brilliant minds. We enable you to access our laboratory for experimental development and to transform your retail business under data-driven foundation.

STOVENDO is about increasing:

CLV (Customer lifetime value)

CX (Customer experience)

CR (Conversion rate)

ME (Marketing efficiency)

GP (Gross profit)

COGS (Costs of goods sold)

CA (Competitive advantage)

STOVENDO is about the delivery of:

Separate customer experience and expectation in different channels

Business process efficiency and staff load allocations

Logistics and delivery costs (shipping, the return of products)

Data-driven research and development

Business scalability

Predictive analytics

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